Glide Through the Glorious Golden Circle

Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 14:16

The grandeur of Golden Circle

You must book a day tour of the Golden Circle to witness some of Iceland’s incredible natural beauty. The tour generally departs from Reykjavik city and takes almost 8 hours. You will have a gala trip with constant English Audio Guide. You can arrange pickup from your hotel too. The tour price generally excludes the lunch and snacks cost as food is readily available everywhere, and you will love to taste local food sitting in Nature’s lap.

Sensational Thingvellir

Your first stop of Grand Golden Circle Tour will be the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO acclaimed World Heritage Site. This rift valley resides amidst high cliffs. Standing in this natural amphitheatre, you can see the mid- Atlantic Ridge where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates unite. The Lake Thingvallavatn lies to its south adorned by grassy lava fields. This was the Althing- the earlier parliament meeting site between the 10th and 18th centuries. The dramatic beauty of the landscape offers a grand view. The geography of the area often changes due to its location in the seismic zone. The Thingvellir Rift Valley creates a dreamy atmosphere with its coniferous forest cover. You are bound to get bewitched to witness the Northern Lights flash in the sky during the winter.

Breathtaking Gullfoss waterfall

The next halt is the Gullfoss waterfall located on the Hvita River. Its perennial water source is the Langjokull glacier which is the second largest one in Iceland. The water flows along the three notches of curves just a kilometre before plunging down the steep 32 meters in two steps and lands in the rugged crevice of about 20-meter width. On a sunny day, you can enjoy the colourful rainbow glistening on the water flowing at about 140 m3 / second. The place has a historical value too. Early in the 20th century, foreign investors wanted to take over the place for building up hydroelectric projects. But the owner and her daughter fought the lawsuit aggressively and saved this environmental asset. The place apart from being an incredible site also reminds the people of their duty to protect natural resources.

Fantastic Faxi

Now you will go for another 20 kilometers to reach Faxi waterfall on the Tungufljot River. It is not as mighty as the Gulfoss, but you will love to enjoy a few minutes in the peaceful environment. The water gushes down seven meters with a span of 80 meters. You can feel the water caressing your feet if you choose to walk around near the base. If you like to fish, this place is your haven. The water is rich in salmon content, and you can surely bag out a few quickly.

Quaint Kerid

How will you feel to stand on a volcanic crater and watch deep blue water below and green and red patches all around you? That is the extraordinary beauty of Kerid Crater Lake which is exceptionally picturesque among all the other crater lakes for the easily recognizable caldera. The cauldron like structure is 55 meters deep with a width of 170 meters and 270 meters across. Geological surveys have concluded that it emerged from the collapse of an erupting volcanic mountain due to its magma weight post an eruption. The area is a private property maintained by the charge taken to permit the visit. The descent is optional and can be a tiring job as the walls are steep and slippery due to the growth of mosses. Surprisingly enough, you can be a lucky one to enjoy music concerts that are sometimes arranged here. Enjoy the rainbow jewel of Iceland.

Book your tour now to feel the real charm of Iceland. Each of the natural landmasses has its flavor of vision as the landscapes change considerably from one place to another. The areas are worth visiting, and the pictures will color up the canvas of your mind forever