Magnificent Icelandic Winter. Northern Lights & Golden Circle Combo!

Iceland beckons. It is a land like no other. We invite you to discover its many joys and exquisitely breathtaking sights with our Golden Circle Tour and our Northern Light Tour. There are heavenly delights in store by way of sights and experiences when you join the combo tour that includes both.

The Golden Circle Tour
  • It is full day´s 7 hour tour of non-stop excitement and fun on the famed Grand Golden circle tour starting pick up from 9:30 am from Reykjavik.
  • Thingvellir Park is the first stop on the way, a Grand National Park with the unique distinction of being the place where the Eurasian and American tectonic plates almost meet.
  • Geysir is the next stop on the way where you can wonder at nature’s wondrous sight of hot geysers spouting high into the air at regular intervals. Strokkur is simply amazing as you will find.
  • Gullfoss waterfall beauty is to be experienced and admired from close and this tour lets you do just that, taking you right to the edge.
  • Kerid volcanic crater is an experience of another kind, water that is calm and still and timeless except when the wind creates small wavelets.

Return to Reykjavik in the evening around 5:00 pm. Rest a while, freshen up, enjoy leisurely dinner and get set for the Northern Lights tour (weather permitting!).

Northern Lights Tour

The Golden Circle is one side of the coin. It would be incomplete without a Northern Lights tour for which Iceland is so famous. We start pick up Northern lights from 8:30 pm.

it takes just 3 to 4 hours to get far and back to Reykjavik to view the Aurora Borealis. If the skies are clear and the conditions are just right you are in for a jaw dropping spectacle. Some of our guests are so enamoured they spend the entire night out there, lost in the wonder of creation.

Join us. It is an experience like no other, soul-satisfying and a true taste of Iceland.